How Membership Works – AAI

As members of AAI (Athletics Association of Ireland), you are registered member of an affiliated club. Dooneen AC members (whether you are a ‘Fit for Life’ or ‘Senior’ Member or ‘Juvenile’)  are all members of the  Athletics Association of Ireland (AAI)  – this is the National Governing body and is charged with promoting athletics in Ireland. We, as members receive benefits to this including the ability to compete in ‘Club championships’, cross country and insurance in the event of accidents arising as club runner. We get to wear our singlet with pride as being a fully affiliated member of a club.

All paid up members are entitled to attend training sessions available for their category

Details of membership at Senior, Juvenile and Fit for Life membership can obtained by following the links

1.     Juvenile Membership

2.     Senior and Fit for Life Membership

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