End of year Juvenile Party

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Just a reminder that the end of year Juvenile party is taking place this Tuesday evening 14th June in Old Crescent Rugby Club from 7pm to late…. music and BBQ on offer so looking forward to seeing juveniles and parents alike attend.

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Munster Track and Field Results

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Munster Track and Field Report

Ennis track was the venue for 2 days of competition over the weekend featuring many athletes from Limerick clubs. The U9 to U11 had the chance to compete individually and also in teams. The U12 and U13 girls and boys also competed over the weekend.

All the club officers, coaches and volunteers would like to congratulate every athlete who took part, whether or not they came home with a medal. It was wonderful to see so many Dooneen athletes out in Ennis getting valuable experience which will stand to them.

The relays were also exciting and the girls did extremely well taking gold in U12, U11, U10, 2nd in U13 and U9. The boys also did extremely well. The U9 team came 5th overall, 2 teams competed in U10, the U11 team set a new Munster record in winning and the U12 team came 3rd


U9 Girls and Boys

Maeve Purtill won the 60m and 300m. Also competing in the 60m was Ivana O’Carroll, Grace O’Dwyer, Molly O’Mahony and Eimear Ryan. Ivana O’Carroll and Aimee Butler also ran the 300 and Aimee competed in long jump too. Eimear Ryan also took part in long jump. Well done to Maeve and Ivana who were 3rd in both team events being a combination of both scores. In the 60m race, Rory Gleeson was competing. Well done to Alex Smith, Adam Robinson, Gerard Michael Ryan  and Glen Addaewho took part in 300m


U10 Girls and Boys

In the 60m, Mai McKenna was 3rd and Orla O’Shaughnessy was 4th. Also competing and doing really well were Freya Wiegand, Kealon Collins, Vivienne O’Brien, Aoife Smith & Ruby Deegan. The 500m was won by Orla O’Shaughnessy, Mai McKenna was 2nd . Aoife Smith, Ruby Deegan also ran for Dooneen in this event. In the U10 team events, Mai McKenna and Orla O’Shaughnessy won the 60m and 500m. Freya Wiegand and Vivienne O’Brien of Dooneen competed in long jump

In the 60m, Ryan Scanlon, Cullen Wiegand and Oran Kennedy competed for Dooneen The long jump saw Marcus Kennedy, Ryan Scanlon and Jack O’Connor compete. The javelin saw Oran Kennedy, Marcus Kennedy and Jack O’Connor also do well.

U11 Girls and Boys

In the 60m,  Leagh Moloney came home in 2nd place. Out of the medals but also competing were Angel Alfred, Yanna Leahy, Roisin O’Brien and Rachel O’Connor. The 600m saw Anna Campbell, Karis Dillon, Anna Mellett and Roisin O’Brien compete exceptionally well. Leagh Moloney and Angel Alfred won the U11 60 combined team total while all other athletes did well in their pairings but were out of the medals. Leagh Moloney of Dooneen won gold in the long jump, Yanna Leahy was 4th and Ellen Hosey also jumped well.  Leagh and Yanna won the long jump pairs. Anna Campbell, Angel Alfred, Anna Mellett and Karis Dillon all contested the javelin.

Jayden Carmody of Dooneen won the 60m in a time of 8.85. Denis Matthews was joint second. Josh Boland of Dooneen also competed as did Kyle Robinson, Conor Egbulam, Darren Ekoua of Dooneen. Jayden and Denis won gold in the 60m pairs. The 600m was extremely competitive with a new Munster record set by the winner –  Darren Ekoua ran well in this race  as did Ross O’Carroll and Kyle Robinson.  Denis Matthews, Jayden Carmody, Ross O’Carroll and Conor Egbulam all contested the long jump.


U12 Girls and Boys

The 600m final was a great one and Victoria Amiadamen of Dooneen AC emerged with a well earned silver medal.  Also competing were Julianne Deegan, Sarah Meade and Sarah O’Shaughnessy. The 60m dash saw many athletes qualify from the preliminaries including Victoria Amiadamen, Emer Conroy, Sarah Meade, Aimee Ryan and Molly Quirke. Also competing were Debbie Lawel and Laura Southern. 3 Dooneen athletes made it to the final and Victoria emerged with a bronze medal.  Emer Conroy of Dooneen secured a fantastic gold medal in the long jump, Victoria her teammate in 4th. Molly Quirke, Sarah Meade and Aimee Ryan also jumped well and also competed in high jump, Emer just missing out coming 4th. The shot putt and Javelin was also contested by a number of these athletes along with Laura Southern.

The 60m dash saw 3 Dooneen boys qualify for the semi finals – Peter Kiely, Jed O’Dwyer and Joshua Adedeji. In the 600m, Darragh Enright and Conor Collins ran well in tough race.


U13 Girls and Boys

The 600m proved to be a very fast one with Jenna Bromell’s record set in 2009 being broken. Sarah Hosey of Dooneen was 2nd, Sarah Butler of Dooneen in 3rd and Maria Campbell in 5th. In the 80m race, Maria Campbell advanced through the preliminaries. The hurdles were excellent and Maria Campbell just being pipped in to 4th. A good day all round for those athletes. Many of the girls took part in field events including Maria Campbell, Sarah Butler (5th in long jump) and Kealon Collin who took part in shot putt.

Liam Mellett competed in the 80metre dash. The 600m race saw Kelvin O’Carroll and Darragh O’Sullivan run with Kelvin advancing to the finals. He came in 5th place, an excellent result. Well done to Kelvin and Darragh.

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National League 2016

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National Inter Club Track & Field League 2016 round 1 is taken place in Athlone I.T. or Morton Stadium on the 12th of June .

All athletes must be 16 years or over on 31th December in the year competition.

Division 1, round 1, 2 and final will consist of full programme with both men and women counting 15 best events.

Please contact Steve Lappin on 085 8812815 or Tony Fitzgerald 086 3006625 to confirm availability or for more information. Closing date 27th of May.


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Junior and U23 Munster Track and Field

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Templemore was also the venue for the Junior and U23 championships on 2nd May.  Lily Ann O’Hora won the U23 100m, 200 and 100m hurdles. Clodagh O’Mahony won the U19 400m hurdles. Cathal Locke won gold in the U19 400m hurdles and Mark Carmody of An Bru was 4th in U19 400m final.


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Templemore Outdoor Penthatlon

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A group of athletes from Dooneen travelled to Templemore over the weekend to take part in the Munster Juvenile Outdoor Penthatlon Championships. Events varied with different age groups but involved sprints, some hurdles, long jump, high jump, javelin and longer distance races. Many of these athletes had been practising and training for some time in the build up. Many gained valuable experience on the day and some came home with medals – they are all worthy of mention. In the U11 Girls, Leagh Moloney, Ellen Hosey, Yanna Leahy, Anna Campbell and Rachel O’Connor took part. Leagh Moloney secured 3rd place. All athletes did really well in a competitive field. In the U12 girls, Emer Conroy, Victoria Amiadame and Molly Quirke took part. Emer won silver in this event. Maria Campbell was the sole competitor in the U13 girls and she came home with bronze. Ella Dillon also secured bronze in the U14 event. Well done to all athletes.untitled

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From Running Shannon to Running Spree

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shannon_river Spree_Berlin_Ships

The first weekend in April saw a multitude of munster runners from a variety of clubs come together to celebrate their joy of running and no better city could have been nominated then the city of Berlin…. Half marathon was the chosen distance on what is considered The fastest “Sightseeing Tour” in sneakers, with lovely wide roads and a bounty of beautiful sights to ease the burn on the body running 13.1 miles (21.1km) in 18 degree heat and still smile at the end is no mean feat but was achieved by the group of thirtysomething that all travelled under the one flag, Irish athletes in a field of over 35,000….and how did it become a “running spree” I hear you ask …. ah well now that’s the clever bit …All the way from the River Shannon in Limerick to the River Spree in Berlin. Took me all week to think of that ! So to sum up definitely a bucket list race, and for all you juveniles out there, remember in a few years all these trips will be within your grasp. so don’t let up on your training, if your looking to the future have nothing but goals, and when reflecting on the past remember your achievements. Run long and Taper !!

 For all the inquisitive types, just copy and paste the results link below :


 One small note, my garmin read 21.5 km at the end, thats a whole lap of the track extra !!

Just saying !! 

berlin 2016 half

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National Masters Finals Athlone

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Athlone was the venue for the National Masters on Sunday. Many athletes from Limerick travelled to take part in the event.  Dooneen women were well represented and many competed in various events. The Dooneen Relay team won silver and the team were represented by Diane Curran, Martha O’Sullivan, Nicola Buckley and Verena Tarpey.  Louise Collins had a great day in winning the W35 High Jump and 3rd in Long Jump with a personal best of 4.28. She was also 5th in 200m and 7th in 60m. . Nicola Buckley also ran well coming in 6th in 400m and 4th in 200m (W35). Diane Curran also competed in this category and was 6th in the 200m. In the W40 category, Martha O’Sullivan was strong in many events coming 6th in 200m and 60m. Verena Tarpey was 7th in 800m and 4th in 1,500m. Fiona Treacy was in the very competitive W45 group and she was 4th in 1,500m

For the men, we had two Dooneen athletes competing in the M40 category. Stephen Lappin was 4th in Long Jump and 3rd in High Jump. Tony Fitzgerald was 3rd in 800m and 4th in 400m. A great day for these two men.  

steve athlone tony athlonedooneen girls athlone

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